How to convert PSD to HTML

A PSD file or an Adobe Photoshop image which has been created and saved in the PSD (Photoshop) format is basically the origin of a website, and sometimes a complex thing to deal with. A web designer gives birth to this origin of a website by layering the design and saving it in PSD formats. Afterward a webmaster jiggles around with each and every part of the design by slicing […]

PSD to WordPress in Efficient Blogging

Blogging has gigantically been popular over the years, having let millions of people create their own blogs in which they could share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, desires etc. It is now rapidly achieving its utmost position in the media that one could express itself to the entire world. In addition, the greatest beneficial fact through blogging is ‘money-spinning online businesses’. Hence, among many tools on hand for this scenario, WordPress […]

PSD to HTML Slicing Hack

I believe PSD to HTML is an art rather coding. Great designers always should not think of how to implement there designs in HTML/XHTML. They should think of lucrative designs for the business. If you are new to PSD slicing and HTML coding or even an experienced coder, doesn’t matter. I have seen many experienced HTML coders use big images in HTML coding. May be they find it difficult to […]