css applied after the sec filter

Angularjs – inject html into views

In AnjularJs there are many ways to inject html code into your view. In building front end MVC views it is much needed requirement to inject html into views. In some situations we need to prepare the html string back in the server and send it as a string to client side. One example I came across was show review ratings. A simple method of injecting HTML into view in […]

get rid of laravel pulblic folder

Laravel-How to remove the public folder from URL

Once you install laravel framework on your local machine or hosting server, by default it build all the url’s consisting public folder in them. For example in your local machine it would be like this ; http://localhost/<virtaul folder>/public/ , In my case it was as follows http://localhost/restaurants/public/ On your hosting server it would be like; http://yourdomain.com/public/. So  this is not going to be a pretty good site when it comes to SEO. […]