ASP.NET MVC Tips and Tricks

Enable Jquery Ajax calls to Webservice methods in ASP.NET if you want to make Jquery Ajax calls to ASP.NET webservice methods in a asmx file you need to remember two things 1. to add following lines of code into the web.config file <webServices> <protocols> <add name=”HttpGet”/> <add name=”HttpPost”/> </protocols> </webServices> 2. Make sure not place your webservices in a separate folder why? it will cause Cross-domain call error: you […]

_Layout master Header selection city box

Display Dynamic data on the ASP.NET MVC 4 layout master page mvc4 is an evolution of web development. mvc4 offer lot of facilities to developers to build state of the art dynamic websites to cater any platform. In this article shows how to display dynamic data or else data from database into Layout master pages. What are layout master pages? In simple terms layout master pages are the master pages of your ASP.NET MVC website. Master pages are used […]

load mvc razor view into jquery dialog box

load Razor view into modal dialog in ASP.NET MVC3

In this tutorial we are going to find out how to load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view into Jquery modal dialog. Why use JQuery modal dialog load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view? There are situations where you want to display certain information on the web to the user without disturbing the existing view. Such cases are if the user is not logged in to system with out navigating back to […]

Jquery modal popup

Add Jquery modal dialogs to ASP.NET MVC Views

Setup ASP.NET MVC environment Let’s find out how to add JQuery popup dialog box to ASP.NET MVC Razor view. We assume you have setup necessary MVC3 environment. If not visit ASP.NET official website and download necessary components for your development environment. For this article I’ve used Visual Studio 2010. Open your developer environment and create a new ASP.NET MVC application. You can create an empty application. Once you create the […]