Display Dynamic data on the ASP.NET MVC 4 layout master page

_Layout master Header selection city box

Asp.net mvc4 is an evolution of web development. Asp.net mvc4 offer lot of facilities to developers to build state of the art dynamic websites to cater any platform. In this article shows how to display dynamic data or else data from database into Layout master pages. What are layout master pages? In simple terms layout master pages are the master pages of your ASP.NET MVC website. Master pages are used […]

Missing WordPress Links Manager in version 3.5

Recently I installed WordPress 3.5 in my local machine and found out that wordpress links manager menu is missing in the dashboard menus. WordPress links manager is a very handy tool used to categorized and create external links on the wordpress site and display them in the links widget. The WordPress links manager allows users to display external links either as image urls, text urls or in both form. To […]

PHP Errors developer should Report

Any developer needs to handle php errors regardless of the language they use. Lets talk about the error handling capabilities of php. One of the key features of php scripting language is it’s detail error-handling functionality. Developers could control many aspects of how errors are occurred and handled. In this article we will find out what are the key concepts of errors and error handling in php coding. What type […]

load Razor view into modal dialog in ASP.NET MVC3

load mvc razor view into jquery dialog box

In this tutorial we are going to find out how to load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view into Jquery modal dialog. Why use JQuery modal dialog load a ASP.NET MVC3 Razor view? There are situations where you want to display certain information on the web to the user without disturbing the existing view. Such cases are if the user is not logged in to system with out navigating back to […]

Add Jquery modal dialogs to ASP.NET MVC Views

Jquery modal popup

Setup ASP.NET MVC environment Let’s find out how to add JQuery popup dialog box to ASP.NET MVC Razor view. We assume you have setup necessary MVC3 environment. If not visit ASP.NET official website and download necessary components for your development environment. For this article I’ve used Visual Studio 2010. Open your developer environment and create a new ASP.NET MVC application. You can create an empty application. Once you create the […]

How to install WordPress Blog in IIS

Introduction Installing a WordPress website is a very simple and easy task. It takes less than five minutes to create your own WordPress site. This article will guide you step-by step how to install WordPress Blog in IIS. Prerequisites IIS should run on you local machine PHP should be configured and running on your IIS server create a file with the following script and save as a php and run […]

JQuery Client side Validation – Input Text

Introduction In this article, we are going to look at using Jquery, how perform client side validation for input text on HTML forms. Client side validation is highly regarded when it comes to form input data validations. HTML forms collect user inputs, ultimately saved in Databases. This process will need to filter the garbage pumping into databases. Data validation can be divided into two, which are client side validation and […]

How to convert PSD to HTML

A PSD file or an Adobe Photoshop image which has been created and saved in the PSD (Photoshop) format is basically the origin of a website, and sometimes a complex thing to deal with. A web designer gives birth to this origin of a website by layering the design and saving it in PSD formats. Afterward a webmaster jiggles around with each and every part of the design by slicing […]

PSD to WordPress in Efficient Blogging

Blogging has gigantically been popular over the years, having let millions of people create their own blogs in which they could share their knowledge, thoughts, ideas, desires etc. It is now rapidly achieving its utmost position in the media that one could express itself to the entire world. In addition, the greatest beneficial fact through blogging is ‘money-spinning online businesses’. Hence, among many tools on hand for this scenario, WordPress […]

How to create liquid gradient rounded corner box

Slicing a gradient rounded corner box is not an easy task in psd to html, especially if you want to make it expandable. You can create gradients in different ways. Let’s consider how to convert below design to css, a gradient box with top to bottom spreading gradient. In this slicing psd scenario the box can be expanded from top to bottom and it is the general way of expand […]


This is a common error message that you come a cross when you upgrade or install wordpress 3.1 in to your server. It happens for both windows and none windows servers. Commons symptom is that the dashboard is working you can perform all the back office activities but moment you want to view the site postings get messed up and you will get above error message too many redirects. Why […]