Angularjs – inject html into views

css applied after the sec filter

In AnjularJs there are many ways to inject html code into your view. In building front end MVC views it is much needed requirement to inject html into views. In some situations we need to prepare the html string back in the server and send it as a string to client side. One example I came across was show review ratings. A simple method of injecting HTML into view in […]

Laravel-How to remove the public folder from URL

get rid of laravel pulblic folder

Once you install laravel framework on your local machine or hosting server, by default it build all the url’s consisting public folder in them. For example in your local machine it would be like this ; http://localhost/<virtaul folder>/public/ , In my case it was as follows http://localhost/restaurants/public/ On your hosting server it would be like; So  this is not going to be a pretty good site when it comes to SEO. […]

JQuery – bind events to Dynamically created HTML elements

In JQuery you can create html elements dynamically at any given time. But have you noticed, those you created dynamically, are not trigger any of the JQuery events. But those created dynamically using Jquery – bind events what we are going to do. So you In this article I will show you how to how to create html elements dynamically using JQuery and catch there events. Setup JQuery environment Setting up JQuery environment is […]

Using Google maps display address locations

In this article I will guide you how to show an address location on the google maps. You might have seen lots of examples how websites show there address locations on the google maps. One perfect example would be on the contact us page displaying address location on a small box like below. How to use Google Map API To create a map like above you need to use a […]

How to position div bottom of bootstrap panel

This tutorial will guide you how to position div bottom of a bootstrap panel in a bootstrap responsive template. The real challenge is position div bottom for all the resolutions, that is positioning of the div should adjust according to the panel size. First copy the bootstrap default template and create a simple bootstrap web page template. Let us create a default bootstrap panel and add bit of content to […]

Create a Bootstrap registration form

bootstrap registration form with custom styles

In this article you will learn how to create a Bootstrap registration form. Why twitter bootstrap? It is the best responsive website development framework. You can make responsive websites in no time with twitter bootstrap. Bootstrap uses HTML5 and JQuery. Once the bootstrap registration form completed would look as follows; Setting up bootstrap environment First step we need to download Twitter Bootstrap and extract it into a folder. It is […]

Bootstrap dropdown tabs

bootstrap tabs with basic css styles

This article shows how to create bootstrap dropdown tabs navigation using bootstrap dropdown menu selection. This example will use css bootstrap component dropdown menu, bootstrap button groups and bootstrap javascript tab navigation component. This is very useful when you want to toggle the display based on dropdown selection. In a typical scenario you may want to toggle search criteria based on dropdown selection. How to begin with Bootstrap First download […]

MVC5 Display Placeholder using Prompt attribute

How to user view model prompt attribute as watermark

While I was building a simple User Interface using ASP.NET MVC5 I came across this issue of displaying placeholder values using view model display prompt attribute is not working strait away. I googled to find solutions was not fruitful. Most of them were suggesting to use the inline text rather taking it from the view model as follows. <div class=”form-group”> @Html.LabelFor(model => model.Email, htmlAttributes: new { @class = “control-label col-md-2” […]

ASP.NET MVC Tips and Tricks

Enable Jquery Ajax calls to Webservice methods in ASP.NET if you want to make Jquery Ajax calls to ASP.NET webservice methods in a asmx file you need to remember two things 1. to add following lines of code into the web.config file <webServices> <protocols> <add name=”HttpGet”/> <add name=”HttpPost”/> </protocols> </webServices> 2. Make sure not place your webservices in a separate folder why? it will cause Cross-domain call error: you […]

How to make a responsive wordpress theme using twitter bootstrap

Getting started responsive wordpress theme Before you begin creating a twitter bootstrap enabled responsive wordpress theme layout, you need to create the same basic theme layout using css/html. Let’s download the latest twitter bootstrap version. Once you download it, extract it into a folder where you going to create your responsive wordpress theme basic layout. Once you extract you will see a folder structure as follows;           […]

WordPress Themes Add Multiple Menu Locations

wordpress multiple custom menu widget areas

How to add multiple menu locations in your themes If you are creating a new theme your theme will not support any menu areas. But if look at the default themes link twentyten or twentyelevan the option is enabled only at the primary location, which in the header section. But there is no control over it. What ever the pages you add it automatically populated into the menu. But you […]